Microsoft “Windows 8” vs “Windows RT”

Windows RT

Windows RT is only for the ARM microprocessor, which is used in iPad, Samsung and Andriod tablets.

No software that you have that runs on Windows will run on Windows RT! That’s probably the most important thing to know about Windows RT. It aims to be like iOS or Andriod, meaning it has Apps you can download from the “Windows Store”.

To try to be at least a little like what we all know as “Windows” it DOES have

  • Office 2013 pre-installed.
  • a USB port and peripherals. Maybe 1 out of 100 of the devices out there are supported. But that’s greater than iOS and the other tablets which support: NONE.
  • Internet Explorer (IE). (It’s the ONLY browser supported (unless someone writes an app and submits it to the Windows Store and Microsoft approves it.))

But it does not have Outlook nor Windows Media Player. You have to get a (Windows Store) App for that.

Windows 8

Windows 8, on the other hand, is just Windows 7 with the “Metro shell” the touch-screen enabled icons that look like a tablet or smartphone. But you can click on the Desktop icon, or just turn Metro shell off completely, and you’ll be in front of something that looks and acts likes Windows 7.

Except with touchscreen.

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