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Tony makes the point that the data on sales volume is skewed by low-end, small tablets.

For $200, that same consumer can get a tablet with a sharper display and higher pixel density. The processor and RAM may seem similar on paper, but the ARM architecture, and a mobile OS like Android or iOS will deliver blazing performance instead of lagging and frustration. The $200 tablet is lighter, thinner, and can run all day on a single charge.

Granted, it’s not entirely an apples-to-apples comparison. The netbook probably has a larger storage capacity, and it’s capable of running standard Windows software. But, the tablet can do email, instant messaging, Web, social networking, and play games—which sums up about 90-plus percent of what most people need to do from a mobile device.

It’s easy to see why (cheap) tablets will beat netbooks.



There is some cannibalization of laptop sales. The simple reality is that many of the things people need to do can be done just as well or better from a tablet. And, even if we’re talking about the 9 and 10 inch tablets that average in the $500 and $600 range, it’s a more versatile, less expensive alternative to $1,000-plus notebooks.



tablets in general may chip away at overall notebook sales, but businesses still need powerful, capable laptops.

Tony makes the point that a tablet is just a different style of PC, and so old-style PCs and new-style tablets will eventually merge and we’ll just call them all “the PC market.”



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