How To ‘View Source’ or ‘Inspect Element’ Of A Website On Safari?

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There’s a plugin – Firebug – to do just that on Firefox. Google Chrome has it built it, just right-click anywhere in Chrome and the menu is right there. Safari has it built in too! But it’s not activated by default.

Unless you carefully look at every option in Preferences for Safari, you would most probably miss it. Navigate to Preferences > Advanced and check Show Develop menu in menu bar.

StatCounter Reports Market Share for Browsers and Operating Systems

StatCounter has a thing they call GlobalStats (gs for short) that shows the usage of things like operating systems and browsers as measured by their widgets.

Here are some interesting snapshots (as of Aug 2013). The worldside distribution is in fact different than the USA distribution.

Click “Source” go to their site to customize dates to see updated stats.

Browser Usage

Browser Usage WorldWide

gstatic_browser_2013_08_to_2008_07_worldwide_mine (Source)

Browser Usage in the USA

gstatic_browser_2013_08_to_2008_07_usa_mine (Source)

Operating System Usage

Operating System Usage WorldWide

gstatic_os_2013_08_to_2008_07_worldwide_mine (Source)

Operating System in the USA

gstatic_os_2013_08_to_2008_07_usa_mine (Source)

How to take a screenshot with the iPhone | iMore


How to take a screenshot with the iPhone

By Rene Ritchie, Monday, Oct 6, 2008 a 2:55 pm
While this might be second nature to some, Apple doesn’t tell you how to take a screenshot out of the box, and so so not everyone may yet know that they can capture their iPhone – or iPad or iPod touch – screen contents with just the touch of a button — well, two buttons actually.
To take a screenshot with your iPhone or iPod Touch, just press the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time. If you nail the timing, the screen will flash and you’ll hear the same camera shutter sound that the Camera app makes.
To access your screenshots go to Photos and open the Camera Roll.

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What version of Safari am I running on my iOS (iPhone, iTouch)

Apparently there’s no way to tell what version of Safari you’re running on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s not in the Safari app, nor in the Safari entry in Settings.

But you can type this into your Safari browser address bar:


Or, just click here (same thing),

Here’s what it looks like on my iPhone 4s (running iOS v6.1.2)

iphone_safari_user_agent(click to enlarge)

This show’s i’m running Safari v6.0.

Actually, this works in any browser.  Eg in Firefox on Windows it gives this:


I got this tip from a tweet by Tim Acheson