CHKDSK results in Windows 7

On Windows XP CHKDSK used to record its output to a file called Bootex.log in the root of the volume being checked. “Bootex” is short for BootExecute the name of the registry entry that triggers the boot-time CHKDSK. But no such file is produced on Windows 7.

Instead go to, Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer

Or just type Event in the Windows 7 Start Menu search box. It should find Event Viewer, then just click on it.

The exact name of the exe file is eventvwr.msc

Then, Windows Logs -> Application -> Wininit

Most things are found in the System log, not Application. CHKDSK results is one of the exceptions.

Wininit is found under the source column. Wininit is not a very common value for source. Some people online say Winlogon. But i found it in Wininit.


How to run CHKDSK –

CHKDSK help fILe –

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