Firefox new TAB page, vs new window page

Unfortunately, in Firefox (by Mozilla) the default start page for a new tab differs from that for a new window.

For the more common new window, the default page in the “Mozilla Start Page”:


That has Google search build in.

Of course i like, so my Mozilla Start Page is set with the DuckDuckGo search engine, replacing google:


Then again, probably the most popular home page is the world is the google home page, super simpler, less-is-more:


But, for the new tab in Firefox, it’s different.

The default is the “Speed Dial” page:


If you dont like that, you can hide it off by clicking the tab button in the upper right corner.


Of course, then your new tab page is just blank.


That’s not very interesting, helpful, or convenient.

However, something obvious, say, making your new tab page the SAME as your new window page, is surprisingly non-obvious.

You have to use the advanced, somewhat dangerous about:config page.

Type about:config in the address box (NOT the google search box):


You will get the warning above. Click “I’ll be careful. I promise”.

Oh, and, please, do, be careful. Only change this ONE thing.

What thing? Well, type newtab in the search box (not the address bar):


It should find name "browser.newtab.url" on the left, with value "about:newtab" on the right.

RIGHT click on that value, and click Modify:


You’ll get a pop-up window. Type in a new value, eg about:home


This particular value will make your new tab go to the default Mozilla Start Page.


Or, modify the value to be


This will make a new tab go to the google home page. You can set it to exactly what your home page is.


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