RemoteUtilities agent.exe download problem in Mozilla Firefox : false-positive malware detection

RemoteUtilities is my favorite remote access software.

But there was a problem while downloading its “Agent“.

I debugged that problem and posted a workaround on their forum. I’ve quoted it below:

Downloading agent.exe in Firefox results in: blocked may contain a virus or spyware
john kumpf
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12/03/2014 20:35:55

Firefox silently did not download agent.exe file from

The link to the file was:

I had to do “Show all downloads” to see this error message.

The error message was:

Blocked: may contain a virus or spyware

I worked around this problem by reading this article:

What i did: in firefox

Type “about:config” in address bar (without the quotes); hit return.
Click the “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button.
Type “safe” into the search box (without the quotes).
Double click the item “browser.safebrowsing.malware.enabled” to turn it from true to false.

Then i was able to download the agent.exe program.

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